Upgrade Your Kitchen Fast With Cabinet Knobs

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade your kitchen design, then look no further than the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. Swapping your old kitchen cabinet hardware out for new hardware is one of the kitchen remodel ideas out there that really makes sense. As a kitchen remodel project that can be completed, by yourself, usually in just one afternoon, it is both fast and simple. Your kitchen drawer pulls and cabinet knobs have the ability to completely transform the look of your cabinets and it will make a huge difference in your kitchen décor.

The great thing about home hardware is that while its various components serve various important functional purposes, it can do it while adding style and flair to the room, and your kitchen cabinet knobs are no different. So when you need a fast update for your kitchen, changing out the knobs and pulls in the room can bring a whole new look, even if you don’t change anything else – like the paint or stain – on your cabinets at all.

For example, say you start out with plain white cabinetry. You can transform those plain cabinets into something clean and modern by adding sleek chrome or stainless cabinet handles. You can change it to something more traditional by adding glass or ceramic knobs and pulls for a Victorian look. You can even go for a very on-trend and popular look with French country cabinet knobs. Your options are basically only as limited as your imagination, because today’s cabinet hardware comes in every shape, material, design, and finish that you can think of.

To help make sure your change in hardware goes as quickly and smoothly as possible, you may wish to invest in some of the templates you can find in your local home improvement store. Sometimes, getting new hardware means you will need to drill extra holes to accommodate the new handles. These templates will give you a guide for where to drill your holes and ensure that all of the hardware lines up properly on all of the cabinets in your kitchen. Since it’s such a quick job, and the hardware itself is quite inexpensive as compared to most kitchen remodel projects, you can easily change your hardware as often as you want to get a fresh new look for your kitchen as often as you want!

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How to Install Door Knobs and Door Pulls to Your Kitchen Cabinet

There are quite a number of places you can purchase your door knobs and pull from the internet and usually it is quite easy to choose. Changing your kitchen door knobs and door pull for your existing kitchen cabinet or for your newly installed kitchen it is not a very difficult task. I have come up with a just a few simple steps to guide you through the whole process and to achieve flawless results on every door and drawer.

o Installing cabinet door knobs and pull is a relatively simple process. All you need are some tools and some patience, and you can transform your kitchen cabinets from functional to fabulous. You will need:

1. a drill with a 3/16″ drill bit (in most cases)
2. leveler
3. marker
4. masking tape
5. A nail or center punch for making an impression to help you to drill accurately.
6. Phillips screwdriver or straight head, depending on the type of screws you are using.

o Installing Knobs are easier than handles because they only require one screw instead of two. For the easiest type of installation application, look for knobs that are already pre-attached with screws.

o If you are planning to replace cabinet handles or pulls, you must make sure that your new knobs and pulls has the same drill centers as your existing model. Otherwise, you have to either choose a hardware that will be able to cover your existing hole (some come with backplate) or you have patched it up yourself.

o To determine the drill center of your old cabinet hardware, measure the distance between the two drill holes (to get accurate measurement reading, uninstall one of your old hardware). Before you start drilling, hold your new hardware against the marked door or drawer front to make sure that the new knobs or pull screws position are align.

o In order to prevent splitting of your solid wood cabinetry and drawers, remember install all cabinet hardware more than 1″ from the cabinet’s edge.

o For contemporary flat panel doors, knobs should be installed 1-1/2″-2″ from the open corner of the cabinet.

o For contemporary flat panel doors, horizontal pulls should be installed 2″-4″ from the bottom of the cabinet and 2″ from the open edge of the cabinet.

o You might required different length of screws for your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers so make sure you check it before ordering your new hardware. If cabinet doors thickness is ¾” , which will accommodate the hardware’s standard 1″ screw. Drawers with applied faces, however, may be thicker, and will likely require longer screws. If you are not sure you can always request for a longer screws and cut it yourself (you must chamfer the screws tip with a grinder after you cut it).

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How To Choose And Install Kitchen Hardware To Enhance Design

Kitchen hardware creates the finishing touch to your cabinetry and the entire space in general. Even though it could be the very last thing you get to think about, it can greatly influence the feel and the look of the kitchen as a whole. The hardware choices you make for your kitchen cabinets and how you have it installed can determine the experience you have when using the kitchen. This is especially considering that you will be touching the hardware most times during the day and functionality should therefore play a great role.

Choosing the hardware

The budget should be amongst the things that guide you to kitchen cabinet hardware or furniture hardware that you need. Truth is the market has plenty of options in terms of the materials used in making the hardware and this can determine the prices of the pieces you are interested in. Solid, strong metal knobs for instance, are heavier and durable but can be a little expensive compared to plastic ones. Look at your budget but at the same time give attention to the functionality and value you get.

Choose a hardware style that befit your kitchen. You can use pulls on all items in the kitchen if you are more into a modern contemporary look or use pulls for drawers and knobs for the doors for your traditional kitchen. When looking at the options, also consider factors such as functionality of the hardware you choose on things such as tall wall cabinets or pantry cabinets. The looks do matter, but they should not compromise functionality of the hardware. With so many options readily available, you will definitely find something that works for your style preferences.

The finish cannot be ignored when looking at your kitchen hardware. The rest of the items in the kitchen can guide you in choosing the best finishes such as the metals on major appliances you have, fixtures faucets and sink among other items. The hardware finish will work best when it coordinates with the rest of the items or you can also settle for striking contrasts that make your space unique.

Installing the hardware

Ensure you have the right tools to make the installations or have a professional handle it for you. Poor installation will not only lead to poorly functioning hardware but can lead to damages.

Choose a hardware location that best serves the needs you have and you are most comfortable with. Hardware installed across the flat line of the center panel can work best for raised center panel cabinetry doors whereas flat center panel cabinetry doors gives you freedom to place the hardware anywhere at the top or bottom.

Use at least two knobs for larger drawers to make drawing easy and swift for you. You can determine how many knobs to use by the size of the drawer but they should be more than two because then one becomes useless.

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Cabinet Hardware Explained – From Decorative to Functional

Today’s cabinets vary as much in style as they do in functionality. Although styles can range wildly from simple big-box manufactured face frame cabinets with slab panel doors to intricately crafted custom cabinets hewn from the hands of generations of craftsmen, some things just never change. The cabinet hardware that makes these cabinets both functional and decorative is virtually universal throughout.

Yes, there are minor differences in cabinet hardware from one style of cabinet to another, however, the major types of hardware can be found in any style or construction of cabinet. The two main types of hardware are decorative and functional.


Decorative hardware, sometimes referred to as surface hardware, consists of the pieces that are mounted to the outside surface of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. They not only provide the means with which to open your cabinet doors, they also give your cabinetry that finishing touch. The various types are:

*handle pulls

*cup pulls



*ring, bail and pendant pulls

Handle and cup pulls are rigid and require two mounting screws to attach to the cabinet door or drawer front. Bail pulls also require two mounting screws, however, they can be rigid or swinging type bails. Knobs are just simple post-pulls that require one mounting screw. Ring and pendant pulls can be rigid or swinging and normally require one mounting screw although some may require two with a small center-to-center measurement.

The mounting hole spacing measurement is the most important measurement of a cabinet handle pull if you are replacing existing hardware. This measurement is taken from the center of one mounting hole to the center of the other, thus it is called the center-to-center measurement (abbreviations include: C-C, C/C, CTC). Obviously if you are replacing existing cabinet pulls, you will need to match your new hardware center-to-center measurement with that of the holes already drilled into your cabinet doors. Common measurements are 3″, 3-1/2″, 96mm and 4″, however there are many more than just those four.


Functional hardware consists of the hardware pieces that make your cabinets do what they are suppose to do. Doors open and close, drawers slide out and back in, giving you access to the items you have inside. Basically, if your cabinets didn’t have any of this type of hardware in and on them, they would be pretty useless. These types include:

*door hinges

*drawer slides

Door hinges are simply the hinges that connect your cabinet doors to the actual cabinet but as simple as their function is, the types, sizes and options abound. The three main distinguishing types of cabinet hinges are concealed, semi-concealed and non-concealed. These all can come in a variety of opening angles, swing types (free-swinging vs. self-closing), overlay sizes, insets as well as finishes.

Drawer slides are the pieces of hardware that allow your drawers to slide in and out. They are sometimes referred to by other names such as drawer guides, drawer glides, drawer runners and drawer tracks. The three main types used on cabinets are: side-mount, side/under-mount and under-mount. These types can be further classified by the distance they allow a drawer to be opened such as 3/4 extension, full-extension or over-travel extension.

Cabinet hardware is not very complicated on the surface. It is the many options that these basic pieces come in that gets a little more in-depth, too in-depth for this simple primer on cabinet hardware.

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Bronze Cabinet Hardware is an Ideal Home Investment

Cabinets are fundamental and necessary components of a home. These furnishings are important in the proper and organized safekeeping of various items and articles that are useful in the daily domestic operations. Due to this functionality, cupboards and such display cases are staple fixtures in every room in every home. In addition to that, cabinets and such display cases can also serve as decorations. The scores of cabinet designs and themes available today are such that no matter what motif a home has, there will always be cabinet models that can perfectly go with it. One style that many homeowners have a preference for is the bronze cabinet hardware variety.

Bronze is an extremely popular material used in cabinet hardware. With its durability and resilience to harsh conditions, bronze is one type of material that many manufacturers rely on. The metal alloy has long been used as a main element in the production of furniture. It even goes back to the days when the Romans found practical use for it and made it a key component in the creation of weapons. In recent times, bronze is used in the art world to build statues and sculptures of well-known figures. Another quality that the material has is unique shine it possesses, which gives it a glossy and polished look.

These characteristics make bronze a good choice for home decor. Apart from its durability, the material can also lend a distinct look to furnishings, making it an ideal choice in terms of interior decoration. Cabinet hardware made from bronze are likewise resistant to rust, and therefore, will endure longer than most other elements. These days, there are a variety of bronze cabinet components that can be obtained from the internet as well as in traditional home furnishings stores. On the whole, finding cabinet pieces that will complement the existing look in a home can be simple by following a few simple steps.

When buying cabinet hardware of any type, there are several points to bear in mind. A homeowner has the choice to stay on a budget or pick the pricier ones. Sometimes though, there are suppliers that can offer superior quality pieces at affordable prices. Prior to making a purchase, determine the kind of hardware that will fit the room it will be mounted in. After that, come up with a theme or motif for the area, preferably one that can complement the existing decor, or highlight it. Make a list of the hardware items needed to be installed in the room, the quantity of each and the sizes.

When the rudimentary details are determined, take a picture of the entire room and its features and bring the photograph along when searching for the needed hardware. This can be helpful in the selection process as it can be an accurate guide in picking out from a sea of designs and styles. When visiting shops, ask for assistance in coming up with the most suitable pieces for the room. If shopping online, refine the search to include only the relevant sites for bronze cabinet hardware. Doing this will make obtaining appropriate hardware a whole lot easier.

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